Freight4u , fait partie du grand réseau GLF (Global Logistics Family) .

Presentation du reseau :

" The Global Logistics Family (GLF) has been set up by freight professionals with many years experience of networking, planning conferences, and understanding the needs of dynamic owner managed international freight businesses who want to compete on the World's stage. The unique advantages of working within the framework of a dynamic and managed network are linked with worldwide representation coupled with personal attention. Truly the best of both worlds for you and your clients! "





Freight4u , fait partie aussi du grand réseau WFO (WORLD FREIGHT ORGANISATION) .

Présentation du reseau :

" The WORLD FREIGHT ORGANISATION (WFO) it’s an independent freight forwarders network. It was created to give our members a full support in their operations.
Our network is an independent and neutral company. We are not a freight forwarder and we are not controlled or influenced by any freight forwarder.
WFO was not created as a quotation website, it was created to connect members with each other and ensure that we are all working under the same standards.! "